Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul Fight Preview, odds and Predictions

We have recently heard the actualization of the fight between Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul. The fight is happening! And now with a month away from the moment of truth, we are going to see how the early odds and predictions are going.

jake paul vs tommy fury

So, we are going to start with Fury favored opening Jake Paul vs Tommy Furry odds.

The bout will take place on December 18th, 2021 in Tampa, Florida. You could check out the Paul vs Fury preview, odds, as well as predictions in this post. So, stay tuned.

Currently, Tommy Fury is at -150 favorite after the opening Paul vs Fury odds are released.

The odds makers have already made the line for the upcoming bout. The odds will have such direct effects on the Showtime boxing PPV attraction. Meanwhile, Jake Paul is at +150.

Back then, the rumors were circulating about whether Jake Paul would rematch the ex UFC welterweight boxer, Tyron Woodly. They met just this year with Paul’s victory by SP as the conclusion.

After the speculations, we have known the real decision now. Now the trend is all about the Paul vs Fury fight.

Jake Paul has over 75% of finishing rate. But for the upcoming bout, it would be the first time for the amateur to have a serious battle test against the boxer who is not new in the competition. The upcoming special bout will pair two undefeated fighters against each other. Both fighters have flawless victories records.

Jake Paul is currently at 4-0. Meanwhile, Fury has his 7-0 record with four wins by way of stoppage.

There will be a lot of stakes on the line in the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury bout.

Fury is definitely in favor. But it will be a close one between him and Paul.

Paul, as we know it, has high popularity amongst his domestic fans, plus his YouTube subscribers. In the series of the previous fights, Paul has been favored for his bouts to date. But the odds makers have listed him as the underdog at +150 to start with.

Fury is a bit less known on a domestic level having only the US debut in the last performance. Fury’s previous prize was less astonishing.

In this boxing odds, Tommy Fury is favored. Fury has better regular training partner, Anthony Taylor. That could be the positive points which will overshadow Paul in such an effective way.

He gained a high level of popularity through the Love Island show. But Fury is actually a lifelong prize-fighter.

When the bout is getting closer, some experts would think at a certain level of money that it will come to Paul. Paul has been known as the victor in the KO.

But we cannot neglect the fact that both of them will come up with fifty-fifty chances. The week of the event leads to such a chance percentage. The pair will face each other in the ring after the accumulated rivalries that have been there for months.

For those who haven’t known, they were trading words through their social media accounts to prove who is better than who.