Can Jake Paul beat Tommy Fury?

There have been tough debates between the two parties of Jake Paul and Tommy Fury. Some folks stated that Jake Paul is a much better boxer than Tommy Fury. But it is still in the debate about who is going to be the winner for this.

Fury vs Jake Paul

Tommy Fury defeated Anthony Taylor in the last bout. However, the reports showed that the viewers were not really impressed with what he would have achieved.

Fury will take on Taylor’s sparring partner Jake Paul on December 18. When asked, Taylor was really sure that Fury was going to be submitted to Paul. On paper, Paul would dominate Fury.

Taylor claimed that Tommy does not have KO power. He also added that he was not intimidated by every shot brought to him. He just kept coming forward to beat Taylor. He also added Tommy even has less frequent experience of fighting and sparring.

Well, we remembered back then Fury ever took a break to star in a romantic reality show. With such long months of absence, the fighter might have lost some of the powers.

Meanwhile, Jake has been constantly sparring and training seriously. This could create such a huge gap. They might not be boxers. But they are indeed world class athletes that cannot be looked down upon.

According to Taylor, Tommy is a mediocre fighter. He wouldn’t be able to catch up with Jake for any reason.

Some folks doubted Taylor’s claims. But Taylor emphasized that he ever fought Tommy. And Tommy didn’t have knockout power, he said.

Fury defeated Taylor by unanimous decision. However, many parties agreed that those achievements were not impressive for most Boxing fans.

Taylor had made Fury hard to fight. Back then, Fury struggled to cope with the many failing styles. Taylor even went as far to say that Ben Askren would have knocked out anyone Fury has fought so far.

Taylor added that he had been sparring with Jake for a long time so he could make an objective assessment of the predictions and previews of the upcoming fight.

According to Taylor, Jake used the ring really well and had great strategy and patience. Many viewers who had seen him fighting Tyron Woodley could agree with that proposition. He knows when to strike and throw power in.

Some avid boxing fans also agreed that Jake is really better than Tommy.

Both fighters are green.

About the prediction, Taylor had put his money on Paul. He said that Paul will knock out his opponent after the fight. He added that Jack was going to dominate Fury. FUry might lose due to KO or TKO. Jake can move well using his footwork and head movement. He moves around like Usyk.

Meanwhile, Tommy tends to be stationary. He maintains his position in order to accumulate the power to throw a big punch to his opponent. And that’s probably where the fight is going to be. Tommy Fury might not be bouncing his feet. But Jake would likely do that. All in all, Jake Paul has better ring awareness than Fury.

So, what do you think about this prediction?

Who are you rooting for? Is it Fury, or is it Jake Paul?